Next year we will be back for the first place, says Slovakia's Kohut


Slovakia's Emanuel Kohut answering to the journalists about their last 2015 World League match

Bratislava, Slovakia, July 5, 2015 - Young team China did not succeed in getting better than 2014 and failed the podium at 2015 Group 3 final. Slovakia perfomed much better than in the semifinal vs Montenegro to get a bronze position.

China's captain Jiao Shuai: "We played today with a very young line-up, totally different than yesterday. Many of our players had few experience on international level and they lost constistency during the match. Anyway, it was good experience for us, even if we lost."
China's coach Xie Guochen: "We send young players today on the court and I am satisfied with the way we played. It´s a pity that we couldn´t found a way to win. I am sad for the result, but on the other side I feel happy for our performance. Our season is not over, because we will have Asian Championship and this tournament is very important for us."

Slovakia's coach Flavio Gulinelli: "We spoke after the third set saying that now is the time to finally turn the score and come-back. And we did it. I was lucky to catch the best substitutes: Tomas Krisko and Peter Michalovic were amazing. All the team was fighting and I think we deserved to win the third place. We are not completely satisfied with this place, but we have to be proud of this and we are happy that we won today in front of our fans. Now we will have some time off and in October we will participate go for the European Championships."
Slovakia's player Emanuel Kohut: "It was a tough match but we made it, getting a bronze. It is not enough for us. We want to come back to next year World League and get a first place"


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