China's coach Xie Guochen: "Our service led us to the victory"


Huddle for Team China

 Greece coach Drikos Sotirios: “This is volleyball…if you have watched the movie ‘match point,' the scenario was like this. Sometimes it is a matter of details, a matter of luck and this is volleyball. For us it is very important that our fans stayed until the end of the match end enjoyed a high level volleyball match. This was our first goal into the procedure of the World League and we have a real success on it.

"About our performance, I think China by having experienced players in their roster managed to control the rhythm of the game. Despite losing the first set, they remained patient, while we were maybe unlucky in the 3rd set, which was the most crucial of the whole tournament. In general, our team had made in a short period of time a great progress, and we are here for the next stage of the season.”

Greece setter Dmytro Filipov: “First of all, I think that our participation in the World League was a huge experience for the Greek team. I think we have played good volleyball in this game, but China was better in the crucial moments, and I have to congratulate them. We will keep working hard and I’ m sure the big results for Greece are coming soon."

China coach Xie Guochen: “It was a tough match, and both teams performed very well. In the first set we couldn’t stand the pressure, but as the time was passing by, we were playing better and better. We have prepared very well for this match, and I think that our service was the key for our victory. The fans today were really fantastic and they proved that they know volleyball."

China captain Yuan Zhi: “It was a very difficult match, while both teams played at the highest level, but luck was with us today. When I served for the last point of the third, I concentrated to the area that I wanted to send the ball and luckily I did it."


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