World League Group 3 Pool H set to begin in Kazakhstan


Coaches and team captains of FIVB World League Pool H in Taraz

Taraz, Kazakhstan, June 11, 2015 – Coaches and team captains of Kazakhstan, Spain, and Venezuela were in attendance during a press conference ahead of Pool H matches to mark FIVB Volleyball World League Week 5 starting Friday.

Representative of the Local Organising Committee Mr Kainarbekov Gamlet welcomed everyone to the city of Taraz. “Our city is known for its hospitality. It is the first time for Taraz and for Kazakhstan to host the World League. I hope that our participating teams will enjoy their time here in our city and in our country.”

Kazakhstan captain Alexandr Stolnikov shared his excitement at his team’s debut participation in 2015. “We have prepared for the World League for some time. We wish all the teams the best of luck and we look forward to good competition.”

Coach Andrey Patrakov (KAZ) shared the same sentiments as his captain, saying: “Venezuela, Egypt and Spain are our opponents in the World League, but we also want to keep the competition friendly. We just want every team to play well.”

Venezuela coach Vincenzo Nacci said: “The experience from World League is very valuable for a young team like ours. For me, it is important that we know our game, how we play, and how we can gain experience.”

Spain coach Fernando Muñoz detailed his team’s level of preparation and the challenges ahead. “In general, the teams, each year, change players. It may be very difficult to prepare. It is necessary to find out how each team plays during this season. We are at the start of the competition, and at some point it will be necessary to change our tactics.”

Egypt were unable to participate in the press conference because of a late Thursday evening arrival in Taraz City.


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