Slovakia's captain, Masny: We have to apologize with our fans


Slovakia captain Michal Masny disappointed for the missed final

Bratislava, Slovakia, July 4, 2015 - Slovakia disappointed their fan by losing the chance to get to the final on Sunday. The semifinal match against Egypt was not the "one-way" kind but Gulinelli's team missed many chances to overtake the African team.

Slovakia's captain Michal Masny: "We were close, but we lose. Our goal was to win this tournament, but we will do our best to take third place tomorrow, because we want to finish with a win. Egypt played well today, but we didn't took our chances. We are disappointed and we want to apologize to our great fans. The support from them was amazing."
Slovakia's coach Flavio Gulinelli: "I am sad. We had problem with our opposite position, but we knew that lacking in reception we could suffer. Marcel Lux was amazing at the beginning, but the by losing the positive reception his job started to be harded. We tried to change, but it didn't work and it was not enough. I think that the key point of the match was in the third set when we catch them in the score and went in front, but we couldn't close the set."
Egypt's coach Angiolino Frigoni: "It was not easy. We had some problem in some parts with reception, but after that we solved the situation and we get back. We had good side-out and it was easier than we expected before the match. We played a good match. I am happy but tomorrow is another match and from now I am thinking about the final. I agree that a key point today was the third set."
Egypt's setter Bekhit Abdallah Abdalsalam Abdallas: "We are happy to be in final, because we missed in World League last five years. We have some young players mixed with experienced ones. Slovakia is a good team and we are satisfied that we beat them. We really liked the athmosphere in the hall. We will meet Montenegro in the final, we saw them today against China and they are a very good team. Every team wants to win and we want also to take first place."


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