World League Week 5 review


Lausanne, Switzerland, June 16, 2015 - Week 5 of the 2015 edition of the FIVB Volleyball World League featured wins for Greece, China and Serbia, who all bounced back from two sets down to overcome their opponents.

Pool A: Italy - Australia (June 12 and 14)

· Australia won their first match against Italy in the World League on Friday, which was the eighth meeting between the nations in the competition.
· That victory also ended Australia's six-match losing streak in the World League.
· It was only the second ever victory by Australia in straight sets in the World League, after they defeated Netherlands 3-0 in last year's meeting in the Qualification for Final Round.

Pool A: Serbia - Brazil (June 12 and 14)
· The match on Friday finished in a 3-2 victory for Serbia after they were trailing by 2-0. It was the first time in 14 World League matches Serbia won after trailing by 2-0. The previous time was against Italy in 2010.
· Wallace De Souza scored 24 points in that match. It was the first time a Brazilian scored more than 20 points in a match this season.
· It was Brazil's first defeat this World League season and their first in 40 World League matches in which that had a 2-0 lead, since losing against Finland in 2009.
· In the 2008 World League, Serbia also defeated Brazil 3-2 after trailing 2-0.
· The match on Sunday lastest two hours and 34 minutes, the equal longest of all Group I and II matches this season following Poland against Russia on 29 May. Pool B: United States - Poland (12 and 13 June)
· With United States winning twice, the head-to-head in the World League is now balanced with 10 wins for each side. · United States have now won each of their six World League matches in 2015 and are currently enjoying a nine-match winning streak in the competition.
· United States are the only Group 1 nation left without a defeat.
· United States have won nine in a row for the first since 1995-2000 (11 matches, absent 1996-1999).
· Poland lost their 99th and 100 World League match.

Pool B: Russia - Iran (June 13 and 14)
· Iran defeated Russia for the first and second time in the World League. All three previous matches were won by Russia.
· Russia has lost seven consecutive World League matches for the first since a 10-match losing streak in 1997.
· Only once Russia lost their opening six matches of a single World League campaign. In 1997 they failed to secure a win in their first 10 matches of the competition.

Pool C: Canada - Bulgaria (June 12 and 13)
· Bulgaria have won only five of their last 19 World League matches, all wins came against NORCECA sides.
· Bulgaria won 3-2 on Friday and Canada have now lost their last five World League matches that went into a fifth set.
· Canada have now won the opening set in each of their last 11 World League matches, but they have won only six of these 11 matches.

Pool C: Cuba - Argentina (June 12 and 13)
· Cuba have now won twice in the 2015 World League (8 matches). Both wins have come against Argentina.
· Cuba had four players with double digits scoring total in their 3-1 victory on Friday. It was the first time this season Cuba had four players scoring at least 10 points.

Pool D: France - Czech Republic (June 12 and 14)
· France have now won five successive World League matches in straight sets. It is the first time they achieve this feat. · The last nation to achieve this feat is Russia in 2011 (six in a row without conceding a set).
· France have now won six matches in a row and in total they have won 20 of their last 23 WL matches.

Pool D: Korea - Japan (June 13 and 14)
· Korea won 3-0 on Sunday, marking it the second time in their last 51 World League matches they did not concede a set. Their only other straight sets win in that span came against Czech Republic in 2014.
· It was Korea's 50th victory in the competition, the third AVC team to achieve this alongside Japan (61) and China (53).
· Japan have now lost at least one set in their last 67 World League matches.

Pool E: Netherlands - Finland (
June 13 and 14)
· Netherlands are enjoying their best start of a World League campaign since 1998, when they also won five of their opening six matches.
· Netherlands have now won 12 of their last 16 World League matches on home soil.
· Kay van Dijk has now three matches scoring at least 20 points this World League season, most among Dutchmen.

Pool E: Belgium - Portugal (June 13 and 14)
· For the first time since 2012, Portugal have lost their opening six matches of a World League season. They are now on an eight-match losing streak, their worst run in the competition since 20 defeats in a row in 2011-2013.
· Belgium have played four five-set matches this season (W3-L1), most of all teams together with Serbia. They had four matches that needed five sets in their entire 2014 debut campaign. They lost all four.
· Belgium have now won eight of their last nine World League matches, claiming at least two sets in all nine of these matches.

Pool F: (June 12, 13 and 14)
· Montenegro became the third ever country to win their first three World League matches following Netherlands and Cuba.
· Montenegro lost only one set, but scored at least 23 points in each set they played.
· Tunisia defeated Puerto Rico. It was Tunisia's first World League victory outside their own country.
· Turkey have now played 11 World League matches, winning at least one set in all 11 matches.
· Turkish 3-2 victory against Puerto Rico was their first World League match they won that went into five sets.

Pool G: (June 12, 13 and 14)
· China defeated Slovakia 3-2 after trailing 2-0 on Friday. This was only the second time ever in the World League they won after falling 2-0 down following their win against Netherlands in 1993.
· Greece beat Mexico 3-2 after trailing 2-0 on Friday. For Greece it was the third time they came back from a 2-0 deficit to win a World League match after beating Bulgaria twice (in 1994 and 1996).
· All three matches involving Greece went into a fifth set (W2-L1). They have now won three of their last 10 World League matches that went into a fifth set.
· China have now won nine of their last 11 World League matches.
· Mexico have now lost seven successive World League matches, after winning their first two in 2014.
· Slovakia's 3-0 victory over Mexico was Slovakia's second ever win in straight sets in the World League after they defeated China 3-0 last year.

Pool H: (June 12, 13 and 14)
· Spain won the first match 3-2 against Egypt. It was the fifth successive World League match for Spain that went into five sets. Spain won three of these five matches.
· Egypt won their other two matches by 3-0 (against Kazakhstan and Venezuela). It was the first time ever they won successive WL matches without losing a set. They also won twice in a row in 2008, but conceded once in each victory. · Kazakhstan debuted with a victory in a match that went into five sets. The last country to make their debut with a five-set victory was Portugal in 1999, which defeated France 3-2.
· Venezuela have now lost their last 11 World League matches, which equals their record set in 2002.


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