There are no easy matches in our group, says coach Roberly Leonaldo


Post-match press conference for the match of Australia and Brazil

Sydney, Australia, June 27, 2015 – Brazil won 3-0 over Australia in Pool A of the FIVB Volleyball World League at the Sydney Olympic Park Arena on Saturday.

Brazil assistant coach Roberley Leonaldo: “The match changed a lot during the third set. The Australian team changed their lineup, which gave them a new way to play. 

“Number 15 (Douglas-Powell) and the setter (Peacock) gave them a new style and we found it hard to adapt. We expected difficulties here because we saw that Australia improved in the past few weeks. I think there are no easy matches in our group.”

Brazil captain Bruno Rezende: “The 10 minute break between second and third was not good for us, but that is no excuse. The Australian team started to serve better, they served very aggressively and we had some difficulty in reception.

"That was the match we were expecting, the first two sets I think wasn't normal. It's the first time we're playing here, it's amazing on the other side of the world we could have so much support."

Australia coach Roberto Santilli: "In the first two sets, Brazil showed the skills they have - superior passing, another level of attack and defence far from our level. Our team was compressed in the first set.

"I'm happy for the new guys, they came in and showed they have something. This was important for them, and important for the team."

Australia captain Thomas Edgar: "Brazil came out like Brazil can play. No one can play Brazil when they play like that, that's how they beat the best teams in the world. But we didn’t fire back, we were shooting blanks at that stage.

"He (Douglas-Powell) was amazing. He's such a confident player. I don't know what was different today. He was a lot freer and a lot more energetic, it's what we need from our younger players."


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