Serbia's Nikola Kovacevic: "Most of the game I felt we were in control."


Melbourne, Australia, July 4, 2015: Serbia showed the enormous depth they have in their squad with a convincing 3-1 win over Australia in Melbourne. Serbia left many of players at home but were still too strong for the Australians, who are fighting to stay in group one.

Australia coach Roberto Santilli: "Yes of course I am disappointed. We prepared for the plays that Serbia have been doing, but we couldn't deal with it tonight. This is what happens when you are a young team, playing against a world-class team like Serbia.

Australia captain Tom Edgar: "I don't know what to say, I don't really have the words. I think we have to start being more critical of ourselves and what we are doing. The will is there, we want to win, we just don't have the execution."

Serbia coach Nikola Grbic: "The approach of our players impressed me, especially our service. We made a few unnecessary errors in the third set, but we came back in the fourth set with some good quality. But they helped us with some errors."

Serbia captain Nikola Kovacevic: "Most of the game I felt we were in control. They are young players, but almost every player is a leader in his own team. They are good quality players. The crowd was fantastic. It felt like a home game."


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