Poland, USA clash for World League's Bronze Medal


Bronze-Medal Match: 
United States - Poland (19 July)

· United States and Poland have met each other once before in the Bronze-Medal Match. In 2007, United States won 3-1. 
· This is also a rematch of the 2012 World League final in which Poland beat United States 3-0.
· In total, these teams have met 22 times in the World League. With 11 wins each, the balance is even.
· This will already be their fifth meeting in 2015. United States have won three matches, Poland one, all in the Intercontinental Rounds. 

United States
· United States will play for the Bronze Medal for the third time. In 1992 they beat Netherlands 3-1 and in 2007 they won against Poland by the same scoreline.  
· A third World League Bronze Medal would put United States on a par with Cuba and Serbia (including its predecessors). Only Italy (4), Brazil (4) and Russia (7, including its predecessors) have finished in third place more often in the tournament. 
· United States' 3-2 loss against Serbia on Saturday broke their streak of three consecutive semifinal wins in the World League (2008, 2012 and 2014). The last time they lost a semifinal was in 2007, when Russia proved too strong (3-1).
· United States' Matthew Anderson has scored 236 points in the 2015 World League. Only Poland's Bartosz Kurek (277) and Belgium's Sam Deroo (244) have scored more.

· Poland are in the Bronze-Medal Match for the fourth time. In 2005, they lost 3-2 to Cuba. In 2007 they lost 3-1 to United States but in 2011 they claimed their first and so far only Bronze Medal by beating Argentina in straight sets. 
· Apart from their 2011 Bronze Medal, Poland also won the tournament in 2012.
· Bartosz Kurek is the 2015 World League leading scorer with 277 points. He leads Belgium's Sam Deroo (244 points) and United States’ Matthew Anderson (236).
· Kurek has also won a tournament-high 241 points from spikes. Sam Deroo (209 points) and France's Antonin Rouzier (196) follow.


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