Poland make a comeback to beat Russia in five sets


Mika celebrates the victory with the team Poland

Gdansk, Poland, May 29, 2015 - The World Champions Poland remain unbeaten on their first week of the 2015 FIVB World League, winning over World No 2 Russia 3-2 (25-19, 24-26, 20-25, 25-19, 18-16).

Poland begin the match with the yesterday's winning line-up, while Russia bring in Kolodinsky, Smoliar and Markin. Changes don't help as Poland take the lead, playing great in attack. First substitutions take place, with Biryukov and Sivozhelez trying to help their team, but Poland remain dominant with effective play by Mika and Kurek. The hosting team wins the 1st set 25-19. Hosts keep their dominance in the 2nd set, but Russia strike back playing well in the defence. Their game start to improve, while giving them more confidence to continue to play point by point. Sivozhelez remains effective in attack taking Russia 21-19 ahead, but Poland tie at 22-22. A block on Kurek brings Russia first set victory 26-24.

Strong start by Russia gives the team 4-1 lead. Poland try not to stay too far behind, but balanced play by Russia's left side players keeps the guest team ahead 16-12 at the 2nd technical time out. Block on Biriukov lets Poland to come close at 17-18, but Sivozhelez dominates the end of 3rd set with his attacks and serve, giving Russia the victory 25-20. Tied beginning of the set turns into Poland's lead 8-5. Russia seem to have a worse moment, making mistakes in attack and serve. Buszek proves a good substitution and  Mika helps Poland keep the momentum, increasing the lead to 17-12.Huge support from the local crowd boosts the spirit of the hosting team to win the 4th set, 25-19.

A bit of luck helps Poland to take the 4-2 lead in the final set. Kurek is unstoppable in attack forcing Russia to take the time-out at 7-3 for the hosting team. Team Russia tries to tie the score, but all elements of the game work on the opponent's side. Sivozhelez, core player of his team in the past sets, attacks long putting Poland 12-8 ahead. Mikhaylov and Moroz step in with the strong serve and attack and bring their team to 12-12. The game goes point by point, but Mikhaylov's attack goes out giving Poland win at 18-16.

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