Kovac: "I am so happy"


Iran coach Slobodan Kovac

Tehran, Iran, June 26, 2015 - Iran coach Slobodan Kovac said he was 'so happy' to win a difficult match against world champions Poland in FIVB Volleyball World League Pool B tonight.

Speaking at the post-match press conference, Poland captain Michal Kubiak said: "First of all, I would like to congratulate Iran. They played very good volleyball tonight. There is not much to say. We hope to come here on Sunday and achieve a result. We came here to win at least one game; we are hoping that we will achieve this goal."

Iran captain Saied Marouf said: "I think Poland played better than us. I congratulate the Poland captain. He could really put us under pressure. He himself was a team by himself. Poland are the only team with complete receptions. All the other teams would usually face problems on our court. Maybe, if we had played in equal conditions, we could even play better than this. I mean, the fear to lose the match and to miss the point led us not to use our full potential. Thanks to the fans who helped us so much in this win. I am sure our match on Sunday will be even harder than this."

Poland coach Stephane Antiga said: "I am disappointed especially with the first set. We had the opportunity to win. We made mistakes in our reception and spikes. I got the feeling that this game was in their control. We were playing very good; I think, better than Iran. Then, unfortunately, Iran played much better than us in the fifth set. We didn’t spike well. We were doing a good job serving, but we couldn’t stop their spikes. They spike well and it is logical that they won the set. Anyway. It was a tough game between Poland and Iran. I am sure we will play better on Sunday."

About the fans: "It is unbelievable here. We could not even communicate with each other and it is nice for volleyball."

Iran coach Slobodan Kovac said: "I am so happy because we won a difficult game. I said in the changing room to my players before the match that I do not think about the sets and the points. No matter whether we win 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2, just think of the result and the people. It is so difficult to play against the world champions. It is difficult to play the same volleyball as we played with US against Poland, because we are playing against the world's best. The important point is that we won the game. In important moments, we came back to the game and we finished the fourth set 25-16. Congratulations to Poland, who dealt with the atmosphere here very well."


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