Brazil's Bernardo Rezende: "The service was our key to win"


Brazilian fans celebrating

 Cuiabá, Brazil, July 2, 2015 - Brazil secured its fifth home game win in a row this season with a three sets win over Italy (25-20, 26-24, 25-19). The wing spiker Ricardo Lucarelli was the top scorer with 12 points as the Brazilian's consolidated their place at the top of the league. On the Italian side the wing spiker Ivan Zaytsev scored 9 and was the top scorer for the European side who remain in third place in Pool D 

Italy’s Coach Mauro Berruto - “There is a great history between the two teams, we’ve played many times, great games. And I hope we keep meeting Brazil for many years to come. We are not thinking about our position in the pool. We need to keep the high level of our game.”

Brazil’s captain Bruno - “It is always a pleasure to see the gymnasium so full. The warmth from the fans helps a lot during the game, especially at the tough moments. It is like we have an extra player on court.”

Brazil’s coach Bernardo Rezende - “Our service worked really well today. A good service is the key to a good match. We have to keep up the pressure with the service and do not mind the errors, because when you force your services the risk is bigger. Another goal for us is to save the ball and keep it flying to try the counter-attack. The Italians have a tough block, so we needed to overcome it using our skills, not the physical strength”.


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