Puerto Rico and Montenegro renew World League rivalry


Pool F: Head-to-head Puerto Rico v Montenegro (June 20)
· Last week, Montenegro beat Puerto Rico 3-0 in their first ever World League meeting.
· Marko Bojic led the scoring for Montenegro in that match with 17 points of which seven were won from serve, more than Puerto Rico and the rest of Montenegro combined.
· Puerto Rico's captain Hector Soto will celebrate his 37th birthday on the day of the match.

Puerto Rico
· Puerto Rico lost all of their matches in the opening weekend for Group 3 in the World League: 3-2 to Turkey, 3-0 to Montenegro and 3-1 to Tunisia.
· Puerto Rico have lost at least two sets in every single World League match they have played so far (21 matches).
· Maurice Torres led the scoring for Puerto Rico with 46 points in their first three matches. Only Tunisia's Marouen Garci has scored as many points in Group F.

· Montenegro won all three opening matches in their World League debut participation.
· The only other teams that won the first three matches of their first World League campaign are Cuba (1991) and Netherlands (1990).
· Montenegro can become the second country to win the first four matches alongside Cuba. Cuba set a streak of 13 consecutive wins from the start, Netherlands lost their fourth match.
· Marko Bojic (9 points) and Gojko Cuk (7) are both in the top-3 for most points won from serve in Group 3. Greece's Apostolos Armenakis also won seven points from serve.


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