We showed we can win like a team, says coach Kosntantinov


Bulgaria teamed-up well on their net defence and got a good block output from Teodor Todorov, who had five block kills in the match against Canada

Summerside, Canada, June 12, 2015 – Bulgaria pulled some strings to complete a 3-2 finish over hosts Canada in Pool C of the FIVB Volleyball World League at the Credit Union Place on Friday.

Bulgaria coach Plamen Konstantinov: “It was a tough game, I think it was very equal. The Canadian team started off better but after that, we made a comeback. It was important for us. I wanted to win at least one game here in Canada, so we are very happy about this victory. I am happy for all the players, they came in after the second and third set and they helped to turn over the match and win in it. We showed we can win like a team. In some moments we had some difficulties but the substitutes changed the game and helped us win.”

Bulgaria captain Andrey Zhekov: “It was a good game for us because we won. Apart from the result, the quality is still very far from our usual level. For sure, we have to improve on that. We are looking forward to the next matches, especially the finals.”

Canada coach Glenn Hoag: “It was similar to our previous matches where we fought hard, but the quality is not right there; and against experienced teams like Bulgaria, it makes a difference. We did not make the plays in the fourth set to finish it but we are going to keep working and getting better. We have some big appointments in the summer.”

Canada captain Frederic Winters: “Bulgaria are playing like they have nothing to lose because they don’t, they are the hosts in the next round. And when you have a team that is in that situation, you really have to step up your game, which is what we need to do.”


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