Vermeulen: "What we showed was world class"


Netherlands coach Gido Vermeulen

S-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, June 6, 2015 - It took five sets to decide the outcome of tonight's FIVB Volleyball World League Pool E match between the Netherlands and Belgium, with Dutch coach Gido Vermeulen pouring praise on his players' performance at the post-match press conference.

Netherlands coach Gido Vermeulen said: "We were very organised and concentrated in the first two sets. After that, Belgium made some tactical changes and started playing better. We had problems adjusting to their new rotations and lost the third and fourth sets. In set five, Nimir Abdel-Aziz made the difference with his serves. What he showed was world class."

Netherlands player Jeroen Rauwerdink said: "I am very satisfied with this victory. Our game plan worked out perfectly in the first two sets. We expected that Belgium would fight back, and they did. Fortunately we have many players who can make a difference when its needed, and today that was Nimir Abdel-Aziz with his serves in the fifth set. We are very fit, and that's why I'm confident that we can play a good match like this again tomorrow."

Belgium player Sam Deroo said: "This loss hurts a little. We showed great mentality by fighting back after Holland took a 2-0 advantage. But after we tied we wanted to win, because only victories count. Tomorrow we want to take our revenge."

Belgium coach Dominique Baeyens said:  "This is our first loss this season and we're not used to that. The Netherlands were serving so well today that it was hard to get in the game sometimes. In the first two sets, we didn't play as well as we have in the last few weeks. We recovered in the third and the fourth set, but in set five we couldn't do anything against the one-man show from Abdel-Aziz. We can play better than this, and we're going to show that tomorrow."


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