Sold-out Palace and fantastic ambience for World League finals in Varna


This is volleyball... in Varna

Varna, Bulgaria, July 10, 2015 – Real frenzy for tickets has overtaken the city of Varna where the finals in Group 2 of the FIVB Volleyball World League 2015 are about to take off.  The Palace of Sports and Culture in what is dubbed ”the seaside capital” of Bulgaria has been completely sold out for the event and hundreds of fans desperate to get into the hall and watch the matches will have to do it in front of the TV.

Hours before the beginning of the first semifinal on Friday, volleyball lovers wearing white, green and red, the colours of the home favourites, could be seen strolling in the streets and the seaside parks of Varna eventually flocking towards the Palace.

The Lions, as the Bulgarian national team is known, are about to lock horns with Belgium in the first semifinal starting at 17:40 local time and half an hour earlier the noise in the hall is already contributing to a fantastic ambience and fewer and fewer empty seats can be seen on the stands.  Most of these fans are sure to stay on and watch more high-quality volleyball later on when France and Argentina will face each other in the second semifinal at 20:40.

To follow all that is happening on the court in Varna live, click here for Bulgaria vs. Belgium and here for France vs. Argentina.


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