Smejkal: "We were lucky"


Press conference after the game

Cheonan, Korea, June 6, 2015 - The Czech Republic defeated Korea 3-2 (20-25, 25-19, 18-25, 25-20, 15-12) in FIVB Volleyball World League Pool D on Saturday, even if both teams were in contention at different moments of the match.

Czech Republic captain Ales Holubec said: "I am very impressed with Song Myunggeun and Shin Yungsuk and I will keep my eyes on them tomorrow. A 5-set game is always difficult, but it is a relief that we have got two points and I am satisfied with that.

Korea captain Shin Yungsuk said: "I was quite surprised that Czech Republic sent reserve players on the court and I thought the game would go easy, but we made so many errors. It is such a shame that we missed this chance to win. Tomorrow we will bring victory energy for sure."

Korea player Song Myunggeun said: "We had several moments when we could take sets. We were not able to use the opportunities. It is such a shame."

Czech Republic coach Zdenek Smejkal said: "We always have hard games when we play with Asian teams. Today also it was tough, but Korea made quite a lot of errors. We were kind of lucky. Our mentality was very weak today. We have to train our concentration ability. Tomorrow we will try to be stable. When we were in trouble, we succeeded in counterattack and chances came to us."

Korea coach Moon Yongkwan said: "I feel very regretful that we missed a good opportunity to win today. We had several moments to turn the match around but we couldn’t use those moments. Our attack route is very loose and even though we didn’t make that many service receive errors, we made quite a lot mistakes in other parts of our play. We have to back up those parts."


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