Smejkal: “We lost our concentration after the first set, but fortunately we won the match”


The Czechs celebrate winning a point

Liberec, Czech Republic, June 26, 2015 - The Czechs claimed victory against Korea in five sets, with their coach Zdenek Smejkal critical of how the match evolved.

Czech Republic head coach Zdenek Smejkal said: "I think that we lost concentration after the first set we won. Korea didn’t give us a chance for two whole sets. Fortunately, Fila helped quite a lot in the third set. He brought life and enthusiasm to the game. He had a positive effect on the whole team. In the fifth set we made some mistakes, but we relaxed and it went well."

Czech Republic captain Ales Holubec said: "I am a little bit angry, because it is the third home match and we had the whole week to train. We didn't use our legs well enough and our game was too slow. We need to relax a little bit more so we can play exactly as in the tie-break. There we could see how relaxed we were. At the end of the game we managed to beat them and that is important. Yes, it was 15-12, we made some mistakes, but we are the better team. We just need to relax."

Korea coach Moon Yongkwan said: "Generally, it was a good game, but we were not focused at the end. Tomorrow we have to be better on serves."

Korea captain Yung-Suk Shin said: "Today the Czechs were good with their blocks. Tomorrow we have to change our attack. We have to play higher balls against their blocks."


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