Siltala: “Holland were one step better all the time”


Dutch players a bit confused in the match against Finland.

Espoo, Finland, June 26, 2015 – Finland captain Antti Siltala said his team had failed to keep up with their Dutch opponents tonight, as they lost in three sets to the visitors.

He said: ”Holland were one step better all the time. They were serving well and their attacks were amazing. In the third set we had a chance to win and there were a lot of positive things for us.”

Finland coach Tuomas Sammelvuo said: “Holland played good volleyball. We had huge problems with our sideout. Then we came back to the game and played a good third set. We just need to work real hard and I am sure the result will come.”

Netherlands captain Nimir Abdel-Aziz said: ”In the first two sets we played at a really high level. In the third set, we had problems. However we kept calm and played well to the end. Finnish spiker Sivula played a good game.”

Netherlands coach Gido Vermeulen said: ”We played good volleyball for two sets. In the second set, Finland started playing better and in the third set they were still growing and it was great volleyball from both teams. Finland’s opposite Sivula was great today and made a lot of points. I am really looking forward to tomorrow’s match.”


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