Portugal Hurt By Missing Players


Luik, Belgium, 13 June, 2015 - Portugal coach Hugo Silva: "Our team has changed in several places, so it was rather difficult to find the normal attitudes. We need some time to play with the same. Our reception was not so good, but at the end of the game we put some pressure on the Belgian defense. Nothing to lose tomorrow and we are trying to win at least one set tomorrow, and you'll never know."

Belgium coach Dominique Baeyens: "I am pleased with the result, especially as Netherlands won 3-0 against Finland. It was a bit more difficult in the second and the third set. A combination of more faults on the Belgian side and taking more risks on the Portuguese side. I think we shouldn't have any problems motivating the players for the match of tomorrow, but the advantage is that we didn't lose to much energy."

Portugal's Jose Joao: "We had very bad reception in the first set. The Belgians were too strong at that moment. But we improved in the second and third set. My serve was working better and also the reception, so we had a small chance to win the set. We will try again tomorrow. Nothing to lose."

Belgium's Sam Deroo: "3-0 was again a good result. We were prepared not to overestimate the Portuguese team, but they missed some players and that gave them a bit of a lower quality team. They surprised us in the third set by power play, so it will not be easy tomorrow."


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