Nambu: It was our best World League performance this year


Opava, Czech Republic, July 3, 2015 – The Czech team easily lost their first home match against Japan and now they cannot reach the second place in Pool D. The Japanese team was better throughout the game and deserved the 3-0 victory.Jindrich Licek, assistant coach, Czech Republic:
They made it really hard for us, but I expected it,
because they are very good at defence. We just could not attack well enough. We
served quite well, but we did not use the fact, that they play only with two
spikers and we could not block them. There was no joy for the game in our team.”

Ales Holubec, captain, Czech Republic: “They are very good with the ball
and today they proved it. Their game style is not very good for us and we could not
play against them. We just did not make it at all. I hope that it will be better
tomorrow and that we will show a much better game.”

Masashi Nambu, head coach, Japan: “It was our best game in the World
League this year. Our performance was outstanding and we are happy that we will
be second in this pool.”

Kunihiro Shimizu, captain, Japan:  “We had very good teamwork,
which was the key for this win. I am very happy about the second place.” 


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