Japan captain Shimizu: "I’m happy that we won this match"


Japan's Hideomi Fukatsu leads his team onto the court vs Korea. They would win both contests in Osaka.

Osaka, Japan, June 21, 2015 - After a surprisingly easy win against Korea on Saturday, Japan again outcalssed their Asian rivals on Sunday 3-0 (25-21, 25-20, 25-18) with both coaches admitting there was a big difference in concentration between the teams.

Japan coach Masashi Nambu: Today we could side-out well and we had good concentration which I think resulted in this win today. Our bench players really stepped up today and I think that our team can do as well when facing tough opponents in the future.

Japan captain Kunihiro Shimizu: I’m happy we won this match. In the first set Korea made a couple of aces early, but we kept our composure and kept the match close. So I think this put some pressure on Korea. Our blocking and serving has improved as World League has progressed and I hope we can perform similarly in our upcoming match against France.

Korea coach Moon Yong-Kwan: Our players didn’t concentrate well today and our reception was broken by Japan’s strong serving, and we just couldn’t recover. Our setter wasn’t very consistent, and we were without two offensive players who did not make this trip with us so we lacked weapons on offense.

Korea captain Shin Yung-Suk: Japan’s serve was quite strong and our reception didn’t respond well. When our reception is good, we tend to perform well. But when it’s not, it’s not our game anymore. When Japan got the lead, we have to keep performing well. But we didn’t receive well and that’s why we lost today.


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