France captain Toniutti: "We did much better"


Suwon, Korea, May 31, 2015 - France took their second win against Korea 3-0 (25-17, 25-21, 25-21) on the opening weekend in Pool D.

Korea coach Yongkwan Moon: 'The match got harder since so many players in Korea are not available because of injuries. I have to protect them by keeping them in a warm-up zone. For this reason, there is limitation to make various tactics. As for France I see the wall that cannot be felt down. In two weeks, when most of players will be in a good condition, we will bring you a victory."

Korea captain Yung-suk Shin: "Almost half of players in Korea are injured and they are under the care at the moment. So I think they will be able to play in two weeks which means Korea's strength will maximize on the match against Japan."

France coach Laurent Tillie: "It was much better than yesterday and the quality of the match was upgraded. It was one of the best games I have ever had. Our setter and middle blocker's performance were brilliant. Speed was much faster than yesterday. Even though we made a number of service mistakes, we used a variety of strategies and they worked well."

France captain Benjamin Toniutti: "We did much better than yesterday and so did Korea. France made less mistakes than yesterday. It was encouraging that we made 12 blocking successes during the game. After two victories I think I got confidence. We fly to Japan tomorrow and for sure we do the same as today there."


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