Cuba's Rodolfo Sánchez:"We failed too much and that's unforgivable"


All four speakers at the Press Conference underlined the good level in Argentina and the problems faced by Cuba

Mendoza, Argentina, May 29, 2015 - Argentina beat Cuba 3-0 (25-18, 25-19, 25-18) in their Pool C FIVB World League match, with both teams' coaches and captains agreeing Argentina was the better side and Cuba has room to improve.

Argentina coach Julio Velasco: "Keeping in mind all the problems Cuba had - our team played well. We had good serving, put pressure on the opponent's reception, we had an active defence, a solid block and a fine attack. We came from a tournament in Colombia and that has us tired as well, but we played at a good level anyway. Tomorrow it's going to be completely different - a much more difficult game."

Argentina captain Demian González: "We are ecstatic to begin the World League this way. I think we played a great game overall. We did well on the attack, maybe not so good on the counterattack and Cuba also made a few more mistakes than we did. We did well anyway - it was important to win 3-0."

Cuba coach Rodolfo Sanchez: "We knew we were ahead of a very hard game. Not only because of how well Argentina is playing but also because of what we went through this last few days. It's been a never-ending journey from Canada to Argentina. The team went on to the court with good spirit, but we failed too much and that's unforgivable against a team like Argentina."

Cuba captain Rolando Cepeda: "It's been a tough game, after a long journey for us and against a great team as Argentina. We arrived very tired, but our opponent also played superbly. We can only hope to do better tomorrow."


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