Canada captain Winters: "I'm sure we'll have some trouble sleeping tonight"


Canada's Fred Winters (#15) said his team will have trouble sleeping after their loss

Buenos Aires, Argentina, June 26, 2015 - Argentina beat Canada 3-1 (25-17, 18-25, 25-14, 25-21 in La Matanza, extending their World League winning streak in the Buenos Aires area to four. With the win, the South American team is still on track for the Final Four but Canada are as well, setting up an exciting theatre for their next meeting.

Canada captain Frederic Winters: "They served pretty well, not in the second set but on the rest of the game, and we couldn't find rhythm with our passing. We just didn't play well enough to win. I'm sure we'll have some trouble sleeping tonight because if you play well and you lose it is easy. But when things go out like tonight you get frustrated. We will be ready to play tomorrow - everybody knows they can do better, so it should be easy to improve."

Canada coach Glenn Hoag: "On the first and third set Argentina served really well and put us in trouble. We couldn't come back and they're a very technical team - if you don't serve well against them, things get very difficult. We hope to do better tomorrow, we still need to work a lot. I'm sure the guys want to prove they can do better and that's our goal tomorrow. Right now is our seventh weekend - it's hard to repeat the same good things."

Argentina player Facundo Conte: "Our goal is always to win, because it's the best possible boost for the team. But these days our most important goal is to have a more solid team. If we can make it to the Finals it'll be great, but our job is to improve and develop for a very demanding year ahead of us."

Argentina coach Julio Velasco: "We have played in a very convincing way and we also added new and well-rested players to the team, which is a very important thing for us. All of this, with our hopes of qualifying for the Finals still alive. We have the chance of travelling to Bulgaria only 3 points away from Canada and to achieve that will be our goal for the next match."


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