We made history tonight, says delighted Iran captain Marouf


Russia's 3-0 loss to Iran was shocking, said captain Aschev

Kazan, Russia, 14 June, 2015 – Iran captain Mir Saeid Marouf said his side had made history with their 3-0 win over Russia on Sunday.

“We have two victories over Russia and this is the first time in history we’ve done this,” said Marouf. “I’m so happy tonight. We played even better than yesterday. We were stronger in reception and in service. We can do something more.”

Iran coach Kovan Slobodan added: “We have a fantastic result tonight. Nobody believed we could outplay Russia.”

Russia captain Andrey Ashchev was shocked. “I can't find word to describe the result,” he said. “We can't find the way to play as a team. We need a victory.”


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