Final Four - Group 1 - July 14-19 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A Final Six will be held for Group 1 from July 14 to 19 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The six participating teams will comprise the organiser, the first two teams of Pool A & B and the winner of the Group 2 Final Four. If the organiser is among the qualified teams of Pool A or B, the best ranked team from the same pool not already qualified will be selected. 

Competition Formula:

Pool Matches (July 15-17):

There will be two pools of three teams played in a round robin system.

Final Round Pools  
Pool I  Pool J 

Team Ranking
According to the ranking system, the top two teams will advance to the semifinals. Teams ranked third are eliminated.

Semifinals and Finals (18-19 July)

The first of each pool will meet the second of the other pool in crossed semifinals. 

Semifinal 1  Winner Pool I vs 2nd Pool J 
Semifinal 2  2nd Pool I vs Winner Pool J 

Winners of the two semifinals will play for the FIVB Volleyball World League Title whilst the losers will play for the 3rd place of the competition.

Final for Bronze  Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2 
Final for Gold Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2


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