Australia's Edgar: "It is an honour to play against Brazil"


Press conference after Brazil v Australia

Sao Bernardo do Campo, Brazil, June 5, 2015 - For the first time Brazil and Australia met on court for a FIVB World League match.  The nine-time winners used their strength and experience to achieve the 3-1 victory (25-20, 21-25, 25-19, 25-18). The Brazilian opposite spiker Evandro Guerra was the top scorer with 19 points.

Australia's coach Roberto Santilli: I am very satisfied with the game we did. The team is very young and need more international experience and play against the top team in the world is always difficult. Brazilians changed from the last week games so it brought some difficulties on our strategy. We expect to improve and make fewer errors on the next Sunday’s match.

Australia's captain Thomas EdgarIt is an honour to play against Brazil. I´ve been in Australia’s national team  for the past eight years and this is my first time against Brazil in an official competition. The atmosphere here is great and we did a good game. After we won the second set the Brazilians’ reaction were hard to stop, I am a bit disappointed because of that, but I hope we can play better this Sunday.

Brazil's coach Roberley “Rubinho” LeonaldoWe have a prior knowledge of the players and the way Australia operates, but it was the first time we face them. One of the difficulties is precisely to have more details, know more about the way they play. During the match we understand the way they act and tried to adapt. They drew very well, especially in the second set, and created difficulties. We changed the way we serve and managed to control the game in the final stages

Brazil's captain Murilo EndresToday I managed to score more, we had a good deal of game and that was important. Our defense was good, touching the block, and this creates more options. When we have this volume, we present a good volleyball.


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